We have begun collecting homunculus data so that you will be able to compare your homunculus with others and analyze the data using different parameters such as age, sex and global location.

Which factors do you think might affect the way your homunculus looks? To find out, submit your homunculus results into our database. No personal information will be collected except your geographical location and if you choose, your age. We will be unable to identify your homunculus after you submit it so it will remain anonymous. By pushing the submit button you are agreeing that we can use the numbers that you have entered as well as your geographical location to make this experiment more interesting.

Once we can collect some data from users, you will be able to analyze the data in different ways yourself. You will be able to look at differences in age, region and sex on your somatosensory system. Stay tuned and share with your friends so that we can collect enough data.