Prepare the Cards

There are two different ways to make the experimental “poker” tools:

1. From a business card

Business Card Template

2. Index card and toothpicks or plastic sticks

  • Download template
  • Cut a 3 X 5 index card in half
  • Glue the template to the card
  • Cut toothpicks in half or use some sort of plastic fiber (ex: plastic or straw whiskers from a broom)
  • Tape or glue toothpicks (or alternative) to the hash marks
  • The points should overhang the edge of the paper about 0.5 inches.
  • Important! the tip pairs should line up!

Take Measurements

Six different measurements must be taken:

Measure hand
Palm of the hand
Measure arm
Measure head
Measure leg
Measure back
Measure foot
  1. The test subject should close their eyes.
  2. The tester should press two points of the card against the skin of the subject and ask the subject if they feel one point or two points (the two points need to touch the skin at the same time).
  3. Start with the largest distance (60mm) and keep testing smaller and smaller distances until the subject indicates that they feel one point and not two or until you get to the smallest distance.
  4. Test the forehead, back, arm, palm of the hand, leg, and feet as shown in the pictures in any order.
  5. Record the first distance that the subject felt as one point (or the last distance that was tested).
  6. Enter these numbers into the dropdown boxes on

Enter the Results

What will your homunculus look like?